October 6, 2022

Great Books Aids

Here are some great places to look for online resources on Great Books and classical education. If you're looking for an online class, we'd recommend Schola Classical Tutorials and Artesian Wells. Go to our Great Books classes page for more information.

Recent Leofont News

We're now offering prep materials for the National Latin Exam. Check out our NLE Prep Test for Latin I.

Information on Classical Education

  • Classical Christian Homeschooling - A great source of information on classical schooling, provided by Christine Miller.
  • Old Fashioned Education - A huge directory of articles and curricula for almost 50 subjects.
  • Well-Trained Mind - This is the site for the very influential book of the same name, written by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise. They have a good list of online resources.
  • Trivium Pursuit - Plenty of information on the Trivium, as well as some great articles on homeschooling.
  • Adler Directory - A great directory of resources on Mortimer Adler, author of How to Read a Book.
  • The Circe Institute - Plenty of great resources for classical education, including the Lost Tools of Writing.

Educational Resources

Publishing Companies

  • Logos Press - The publishing company of Logos School in Moscow, ID. They've been teaching for over 25 years and bring that experience to all their curriculum.
  • Veritas Press - A great source for classical curricula with a huge selection.
  • Canon Press - Canon publishes a pretty wide-ranging selection, and curricula is one of their specialties.
  • Memoria Press - A family-run publishing company based out of Kentucky. They're currently developing a K-12 curriculum in connection with Highlands Latin School.