October 6, 2022

National Latin Exam Prep Test

The National Latin Exam (NLE) is the standard assessment exam for Latin students. They're very good at what they do, testing over 130,000 students per year. In spite of this, there aren't very many good preparation tools out there for the National Latin Exam. So we created the NLE Prep Test, a brand new (released December of 2009) online testing tool. Since this is our first release, we've decided to focus on the Latin I exam. If there is enough interest, we'll extend it to cover Latin II, and the rest of the National Latin Exams.

We've designed the NLE Prep Test to help you do exactly what you want to do: prepare for the National Latin Exam. We don't just give you a static, forty question test and spit out a flat score when you're finished. Instead, we give you a test that can be taken as many times as you want and a results page detailed enough to guide students' study efforts.

The NLE Prep Test is generated from a database of hundreds of questions, specifically designed for the National Latin Exam. Students will never see the same test twice, and we allow users to take the exam as many times as they want.

Immediately after the exam, we take students to a detailed results page, showing them the areas of the test they most need to work on. They'll be able to look at these results for each time they've taken their exam, so they can even see how they've progressed.

Since this is a fairly complicated program, we do have to charge a small fee of $10 to cover programming and maintenance. This will get you a pass into the exam that lasts until the end of June. Because we allow students to take the exam as many times as they want, the earlier you sign up, the more you can take advantage of the study direction. If you have any questions, or if you're interested in advertising, make sure to contact us, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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