October 6, 2022

Latin Aids

Here are some great places to look for online Latin resources.

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We're now offering prep materials for the National Latin Exam. Check out our NLE Prep Test for Latin I.


Other Latin Aids

  • Whitaker's Latin Words - The best dictionary tool we've found. Type in any inflected Latin word you find, and this program will define and parse it for you. You can download it all for free.
  • The National Latin Exam - The NLE is designed to be the standard assessment tool for Latin. And they're very good at it, testing over 130,000 students per year.
  • The Perseus Project - An amazing collection of ancient texts, both in their original language and in English, as well as tools to search texts, parse words, and check their frequency. There's nothing else that comes close.
  • Verbatim et Litteratim - Grammar drills, flashcards, teaching resources, manuscripts, and plenty more. Some great resources.
  • Maps For Students - A great set of maps of the ancient world.
  • Forum Romanum - A database of Latin literature and some books on Roman life and history. All for free.
  • Latin Library - More free Latin literature.
  • Catullus Translations - An entire website devoted to translations of Catullus.
  • Electronic Text Center - Latin texts, both online and on cd-rom.
  • VRoma Teaching Resources - A great list of resources for Latin teachers.
  • Latin Grammar Table of Contents - Latin grammar in a convenient, table-of-contents layout.
  • The Cicero Page - An entire website devoted to Cicero and his writings.
  • Diagramming Latin Sentences - Helpful advice on diagramming Latin sentences.